Education Tools

The Polgár Judit Webshop was established to help and support the institutions, teachers and individuals using the Judit Polgar Method with tools, publications and other resources

Each tool has been designed to help experiential learning, skill development and subject integration in a number of ways for young and old alike. Different packages are available for preschools, schools, and children to effectively master and teach the Method.

Chess Playground Complex Skill Development Toolkit (01-02-03)
Chess Palace Complex Skill Development Toolkit (01-02-03)

There are a total of 200 products on the website. Those who want to play chess more seriously have a choice of 75 devices in the „Chess” menu. Institutions can choose between the Chess Playground-Preschool packages and the Chess Palace-School packages. Kids can have their own packs, too. The tools in the packages can also be purchased as separate items. We also offer toys, gifts and souvenirs.